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It is not often that a young band like ours is asked to play at a venue like Stagecoach.  We had the most incredible time.  Who would have evern thought we would see our band name in a news article headline like this...




We are the luckiest musicians in the world!! We want to share more videos and pictures about our Stagecoach experience with you soon!!


Jake, Luke, Brayden and Zoe


Minor Emergency has been working together for the last four years.  We have a great sound be it rock n roll, country music, a bit of the blues....we want to put together a set list to make your event special.

We have many ideas/calls for gigs coming across our plate.  We would LOVE to get you on the schedule.  Send us an email so we can book a date to entertain your friends.

Jake, Luke, Zoe and Brayden of Minor Emergency

Mikaelpalooza and Minor Emergency 

Mikaelpalooza are these great concerts that our music director Mikael Jacobson puts on where he groups his students into small bands to rock out.  Minor Emergency gets a change to play some more things like a little bit of country, a little bit of rock n roll, a little bit of blues.  We also take turns working with the other bands to help them each put on a great performance.  It is so much fun!!!  We all love Mikaelpalooza.  It is also a chance to do things like surprise Mr. Sonderman with Jake and Luke playing Moby Dick or have Minor Emergency tackle Pinball Wizard with Luke on guitar rather than Jake.

Hard Rock Hotel Palm Springs - New Year's Weekend 

What a fantastic crowd!!  We had so much fun playing for the start of New Year's weekend at such an epic hotel.  We issued a challenge to ourselves to see how many different songs we could play.  Two hours of music.  I think we only repeated one song and not even sure why.  What a blast!!!

Kimpton The Rowan Grand Opening and Downtown PS Revitalization 

There are a few times in life where you get the most amazing stage, the very best of sound and an incredible audience all at the same time.  We were so honored to open for The Flusters and The Yip Yops.  We are grateful to so many people who made this event happen.  What a blast!!!  We received some of the most incredible compliments that make us all blush.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Fall Family Festival and La Terraza Block Party 

Well...sometimes like just throws you a few curve balls.  First we get to the festival and they have no sound or power even.  Then Jake is so so so so sick during the Block Party.  We made it through but I hope we get a do over.  I know we can knock their socks off even more if Jake is not so sick.

Private Event...with costumes 

So much fun dressing up like the 1960's and entertaining a room full of musicians.  We are so lucky to have such wonderful people helping us in our life of rock n roll.  Happy Halloween!!


WOW Paint El Paseo Pink 

WOW WOW WOW.  We are so overwhelmed by the incredible support of the Paint El Paseo Pink crowd.  So many new fans.  Even though we had to get up before 5 am to start the set up process...it was so worth it.   Again, we get to help an amazing cause and be a part of an event.  We are so excited to be invited back for the 2018 Paint El Paseo Pink.

Concert for Autistm 2017 

Jake, Luke, Zoe and Brayden were so happy to be a part of the Concert for Autism at The Tack Room.  What a blast to play for such an incredible cause!!  We always love playing when it can be of help to others.