Brayden, Luke, Zoe and Jake of Minor Emergency are ready to put on a fantastic show just for your event.  We love classic rock, rock n roll, country music, blues or whatever music you love...we can build a set around it.  The band loves to be involved in charitable events, events that support music for kids, big community events, parties and all of our local venues from the Hard Rock Hotel to the McCallum....everything in between.  Minor Emergency is ready!

"Truly, it is something to witness...  Young musicians, so passionate about music and delivering with the expertise of an adult. They make heads turn EVERY time I have seen them play and they do not disappoint.  I have and will book them again and again for new audiences.  They have really built a name for themselves and are in demand!  Love, Love, Love!"

-Kate Spates

"I was shocked out of my mind the 1st time seeing Minor Emergency. These 4 tiny tots up on stage playing like Rock Stars. Great energy, great stage presence. I think if taken in the right direction these kids definitely have a future in the music business. Plus the drummer's a beast!!"

-Phil Lacombe, Coachella Valley Weekly Magazine


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