Thank you to everyone who made Stagecoach possible!

All of us are SO GRATEFUL for each one

of our incredible supporters.

We had SO MUCH FUN!!


Brayden, Luke, Jake & Zoe

Minor Emergency Band


Highlights of our Stagecoach show below.

We would LOVE for you to watch. :)


— Brayden from Minor Emergency

"Truly, it is something to witness...  Young musicians, so passionate about music and delivering with the expertise of an adult. They make heads turn EVERY time I have seen them play and they do not disappoint.  I have and will book them again and again for new audiences.  They have really built a name for themselves and are in demand!  Love, Love, Love!"

Kate Spates

Project Name

GONE COUNTRY...Minor Emergency is always adding to their group of music.  Country music is a big part of that since our bass player, Brayden, LOVES country music.  She picks out the best songs and we all have a blast!  Last year, we prepared a whole country show around Brayden including some other musicians.  Since then, Minor Emergency has taken on the whole set from that show and more as their own.  Please ask around town and you will find that Minor Emergency is known in the Coachella Valley for putting on a great professional show.

Press Photos

Sample Video