Playing for Big Brothers Big Sisters

Last Saturday, we had a really fun gig playing as Minor Emergency.  At the same time, many of the musicians from Desert Rock Academy also played and we joined them as well.   Since all of us love to play music, playing for three hours was a treat, truly.  This fundraiser was at Desert Rocks, an indoor rock climbing place.  Their stage was at the top of the rock climbing walls on a platform.  This meant bringing ALL of our equipment up a flight of stairs, setting up, playing for three hours and carrying it all down.  Many people called it paying our dues.  We are so grateful to all of the parents and others who helped muscle it all upstairs and then down.  It was a great opportunity to help out a wonderful organization, Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Desert.  We ended the adventure with a band picnic.  It was awesome to have some downtime together!

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