111 Music Festival - ME on a BUS!

On December 3, 2016, Minor Emergency was asked to participate in the 111 Music Festival.  This festival support the local bus system, Sunline Transit Authority, and the local arts community, Coachella Valley Arts Scene and CREATE.  Minor Emergency started by performing a 45 min set on the stage at the CREATE facility.  The room was set with unique art on the walls for sale to support the CREATE space.  There were all kinds of stations for people to create their own art while they are there.  When Minor Emergency took the stage, we had a great crowd come on over to hear us play.  We were so excited to engage the audience and have fun with them.  The fun and funny part is that 3-4 people were standing up right by the stage filming the band.  We ALWAYS love new fans.

Then we rushed over to the bus and played a fun somewhat unplugged set for a short run on the bus.  There were many bands waiting to board the buses.  It was so fun talking to the other bands about how they plan to do their sets on the bus.

I hope that you will go to the YouTube channel and enjoy seeing us on a stage and on a bus!!!



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