First Gig of the Season

The members of Minor Emergency have been working hard to plan a date that worked to play at the Hard Rock Hotel Palm Springs.  The HRH has an excellent manager in Esjay Jones.  She knows of the band and has asked us several times to play.  Each of us have been so disappointed to have it not work out several times due to other commitments on our end.  

Zoe, Brayden, Luke and Jake are so excited to have it work out to perform this Saturday, September 2nd at 10 PM as part of Esjay's Hard Rock Global Lounge Sessions.  We are looking forward to entertaining the guests and visitors to the Hard Rock Hotel.  We hope to see all of our regular fans out there for a fun time.  The show begins at 8:00 PM and runs until midnight with Minor Emergency going on about 10 PM.

See you Saturday night!!

XOXO Minor Emergency

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